About the ESMT Entrepreneurship Club

The ESMT Berlin Entrepreneurship Club allows ESMT students and alumni to exchange ideas, support and experience around all subjects related to the entrepreneurial environment. Its purpose is to allow for members to get first hand insight into all phases of the lifecycle of a company, from the business idea to market penetration and establishment all the way to the IPO, acquisition or insolvency. Through discussions with members of the entrepreneurial community the club has built a strong network and gives support to entrepreneurs taking the risk of founding.

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Why A Hackathon At ESMT?

ESMT is Germany’s leading business school with the mission of developing entrepreneurial leaders who think globally and act responsibly. Inspired by the school’s emphasis on innovation and technology, the Entrepreneurship Club launches this inaugural Hacknight to connect Europe’s business and tech communities.

The school is housed right at the center of Berlin in the former State Council Building of the GDR. Working in rooms of historic importance you will be inspired to let your creative juices flow and come together to build new ideas.

For developers, this is a great opportunity to learn how MBA candidates approach business models through a combination of general management expertise, strategic frameworks and a focus on creating customer value.

For MBAs and people working in business, this is the perfect occasion to understand the technological perspective by experiencing first-hand how coding, product management, agile development and real-time collaboration all contribute to idea implementation.