Educational systems have evolved more slowly than technology over the past century. From primary school to post-graduate education, the pace of innovation surpasses that of teaching and learning methods. With the development of technologies such as AI, instantaneous communication and robotics, the skills required of people at work are quickly evolving. According to a report from the World Economic Forum, the top 10 skills necessary to be successful in 2020 will consist of solely soft skills, with complex problem solving and critical thinking topping the list.

We asked ourselves, are today’s educational systems and structures preparing future workers adequately? New job titles appear every year that no one could have conceived of ten years previous. How can we hack education to keep up with workplace changes?

Our hackathon will be an opportunity for developers and business people to brainstorm new ideas around this theme, testing their viability through minimum viable products (MVPs). Over the course of one full night, you will exchange ideas with participants from across Europe while building a prototype from scratch that you will pitch the next morning to our Jury.

The Jury is composed of  people working in and with startups such as founders, CTOs, VC investors, and subject matter experts. They will evaluate your idea based on the educational impact,  business potential and impressiveness.